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Writing Tips & Advice

Vonnegut’s best advice to writers: 8 tips revisited

Character Development

Character Traits

Primary Personality Traits

Character Flaws

The Four Types of Character Flaws

Character Flaws: When Is Too Far, Too Far

Writing the Perfect Flaw

123 Ideas for Character Flaws

Character Quirks

500 Character Quirks & Traits

Character Quirks

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

PDF file of strengths and weaknesses

Character Secrets

300 Possible Character Secrets

More Character Secrets

Inner Conflict

33 Ways to Create Inner Conflict

Anoint Your Character with Inner Conflict, A Master Technique

Character Depth

7 Creative Ways to Create Character Depth

Body Language

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs &Body Language Cues


List of Free Databases for Research

Research Databases and Other Online Tools

Writer’s Reverse Dictionary

One Stop Writer’s Resource

Writing Mystery

Mystery Writing Resources