Creative Writing Exercise – Missing – A Teen Vigilante Story

Here’s a creative writing exercise that can help you dig deep into emotional turmoil, hone your descriptive writing skills and maybe come up with a great book idea to publish.

Creative Writing Exercise – Missing!

A teenage girl goes missing, on the way home from school, and turns up six months later. She has  very little memory of the past six months. She tries to convince her family she was kidnapped, but they continue to believe she ran away.

Her family puts her in a mental hospital, because she won’t give up on the crazy idea that the government kidnapped her.

Once her head clears she starts to remember things. She’s even more convinced she was kidnapped by the government and experimented on. Brainwashing techniques, drugs, etc. She breaks out to hunt down the people who kidnapped her.

Some questions to get you started. You can always think of more as the idea takes hold.

  • What kind of memories does she have about the abduction?
  • What kinds of things were done to her?
  • Is this a sinister group or a cult?

This creative writing prompt could be a story about a badass teen vigilante or renegade who seeks justice for herself. Perhaps in her quest she realizes other girls have been taken, so she goes on a renegade mission to free them. Maybe several of them band together and become crime fighters—modern day heroes.

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Be sure to put a lot of emotion into this story. Emotion is what propels a character. It’s also what compels a reader to keep reading. This is good writing practice for adding an emotional punch into your writing.

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If you’ve enjoyed this creative writing exercise, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to know how this helped you in your writing.

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Patti Stafford


Creative Writing Exercise – Alien Checkers

You’re abducted by aliens, but instead of poking and prodding you, they merely want to play a game of checkers.

  • Where did the aliens come from?
  • What is so intriguing to them about playing checkers?
  • Who else have they abducted?
  • What happens to those who can’t play checkers?
  • Describe their planet or space ship.
  • Do the aliens play fair or do they cheat?


Happy Writing!

Creative Writing Exercise – Fishing Bear

This could be a good description piece.
A bear keeps trying to catch a fish in the stream. The fish swims off a few feet, turns around and laughs at the bear.

This happens several times.

The bear gets angry at first, but after 3 or 4 times he gets his feelings hurt and questions his ability to provide food.

Try two approaches with this one.

First, write it as a comedy. Add in some silly antics of the bear and the fish.

Second, write it as an emotional piece while describing the poor bear’s despair.

  • How does it turn out?
  • Will the fish sacrifice himself for the bear in the end, or help him to catch other fish?

Happy Writing!